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CBL Draft

Manager Directory
1. Instructions
2. Draft sheet (2 pp)
3a. Starting Pitchers
3b(i) Relief Pitchers Grade 5+
3b(ii) Relief Pitchers Grades 1 - 4
3c. Catchers
3d. First Base
3e. Second Base
3f. Third Base
3g. Shortstop
3h. Outfield
4. Did Not Play 2012
5a. Rosters Ana - Min
5b. Rosters NYM - Was
6. FA Checklist


Welcome to the CBL's Draft Site!

The information you need to be successful on Draft Day is in these pages.
The Draft Date: Saturday, 9 February 2013
9:00 a.m. PST... noon EST

The Draft Chat Room (Parachat)


All links are on the left side of this page


Section 1: Draft Day Instructions

Section 2: CBL 2013 Draft Sheet

Section 3: Player Stats and Ratings by Position

Section 4: CBL roster players who did not play in 2012

Section 5: Complete CBL Rosters

Section 6: Free Agent Checklist 


All data pages and rankings are listed on the left side of this page in the blue strip. Just click on each one to open it.
All these files are also being e-mailed directly to you in Word and Excel format, as well as .pdf format. Everything is also posted on the CBL's Yahoo website, and if you have Excel, it will be much easier to work directly from either the Excel file I e-mailed you, or the identical one posted on Yahoo.
Section 1 can be copy-pasted into Word, and all other sections (you will likely be most interested in The player rankings, Section 3) can be copy-pasted into either Word or Excel... just push the printer margins out to the maximum, and copy one page at a time. In the Starting Pitchers, for example, there are three separate pages of listings, each with a set of headers.
There are NO hard copies being mailed this year.

The Draft Files on Yahoo

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