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CBL Draft

4. Did Not Play 2012

Manager Directory
1. Instructions
2. Draft sheet (2 pp)
3a. Starting Pitchers
3b(i) Relief Pitchers Grade 5+
3b(ii) Relief Pitchers Grades 1 - 4
3c. Catchers
3d. First Base
3e. Second Base
3f. Third Base
3g. Shortstop
3h. Outfield
4. Did Not Play 2012
5a. Rosters Ana - Min
5b. Rosters NYM - Was
6. FA Checklist

Unprotected Players on CBL Rosters who did not appear in the major leagues in 2012 and are available in the 2013 draft.

Player CBL Pos Player CBL Pos Player CBL Pos
Baker, Scott min P Harden Rich min P Pineiro, Joel nyy P
Bard, Josh nyy H Hawksworth, Blake nyy P Ray, Chris bal P
Bell, Trevor pha P Jenks, Bobby mia P Reyes, JoJo was P
Blake, Casey mia H Kouzmanoff, Kevin oak H Rivera, Rene sea H
Blanco, Andres mia H LaRoche, Andy bal H Rodriguez, Ivan bal H
Braddock, Zach mil P Lee, Derrek sfg H Rodriguez, Luis sea H
Braden, Dallas oak P Linebrink, Scott mil P Ruffin, Chance ari P
Cameron, Mike pha H Lopez, Felipe pha H Sanchez, Freddy ari H
Cantu, Jorge nyy H Madson, Ryan nym P Sizemore, Grady nym H
Carrasco, Carlos pit P Marrero, Chris was H Sizemore, Scott chc H
Cora, Alex tam H Masset, Nick was P Slowey, Kevin lad P
Crowe, Trevor pit H Miller, Trever lad P Smith, Jordan ari P
Cust, Jack sfg H Montanez, Luis bal H Soria, Joakim bal P
Dinkelman, Brian tam H Mora, Melvin bal H Spilborghs, Ryan sea H
Drew, J D bal H Moskos, Dan bos P Tosoni, Rene min H
Evans, Nick nym H Olsen, Garrett lad P Towles, J R sea H
Everett, Adam bal H Oviedo, Juan Carlos bos P Willis, Dontrelle mia P
Fulchino, Jeff ari P Patterson, Eric lad H Wood, Blake mia P
Garland, Jon bal P Pena, Tony ari P Wood, Brandon mia H
Gload, Ross ana H Pie, Felix lad H      

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