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CBL Draft

3h. Outfield

Manager Directory
1. Instructions
2. Draft sheet (2 pp)
3a. Starting Pitchers
3b(i) Relief Pitchers Grade 5+
3b(ii) Relief Pitchers Grades 1 - 4
3c. Catchers
3d. First Base
3e. Second Base
3f. Third Base
3g. Shortstop
3h. Outfield
4. Did Not Play 2012
5a. Rosters Ana - Min
5b. Rosters NYM - Was
6. FA Checklist

Outfielders available in the 2013 CBL Draft,
ranked by [1] Defensive Grade, [2] Arm, and [3] At-Bats, with actual 2012 MLB stats included
(Three pages below)

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Canadian Baseball League, since 1974