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CBL Draft

1. Instructions

Manager Directory
1. Instructions
2. Draft sheet (2 pp)
3a. Starting Pitchers
3b(i) Relief Pitchers Grade 5+
3b(ii) Relief Pitchers Grades 1 - 4
3c. Catchers
3d. First Base
3e. Second Base
3f. Third Base
3g. Shortstop
3h. Outfield
4. Did Not Play 2012
5a. Rosters Ana - Min
5b. Rosters NYM - Was
6. FA Checklist

CBL Draft Day Instructions

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hi, folks… welcome to your guide to Draft Day 2013. 

NOTE: To print the draft documents from Word and Excel you will need to re-set your printer margins on each page so they will print properly (check them each in “Print Preview”) because every printer is different. This guide is also sent in a pdf version.


The draft process…

Our draft will happen on-line at our CBL Parachat site. Log in here:

and pick your nickname.  By 12 noon EST on Draft Day 2013 (1:00 p.m. in Atlantic Canada, 11:00 a.m. in Central, 10:00 a.m. Mountain, 9:00 a.m. Pacific), managers will log in at the Chat Site. Parksville, BC, is Draft HQ. At noon EST, the Commissioner will request that the first pick be made (by Big Buc Dave, who holds the Houston pick). We proceed as per the Draft Sheet (Section 2), amended of course by any late-breaking trades. The regular portion of the draft is five rounds, and takes a little under an hour per round. When the end of Round Five comes, all undrafted roster players revert to their teams. The remaining free agents are then selected in Rounds 6 to 9 or until all the carded players are gone. Once the last carded free agent is gone (or the end of Round 9 is reached, or if people have had enough by the end of Round 8), the remaining guys will be retired to the boneyard until the June free agent draft.


Chat Room Crash!!????

If we run into technical difficulties, we’ll use e-mail while trying to get the chat site back, and if e-mail doesn’t work for some strange reason, we’ll revert to the phone. Jim’s place will be the main base, (250) 248-8992, or cell, (250) 228-1334. I have a North America long distance plan so we can make all the calls from our end.

Players Available in the Draft


Section 5 lists the full rosters of every CBL team, with all players moved to their new teams as per transactions up to January 15th. Up to 40 players are allowed on each roster. These rosters are divided into protected and unprotected sections. With 24 teams, there are a total of 960 spots on CBL rosters. There are empty roster spots on some teams (26 empty spots in all), so the total number of players listed is 960-26 = 934. Of these, 504 are protected from the draft because of the various allowances. The other 430 players currently on rosters are unprotected and available. Each of these 430 players will remain available for up to five rounds of the draft. They are removed from eligibility when [a] picked by another team; or [b] three other players are picked off the same CBL roster, which is the maximum one team can lose; or [c] the end of Round Five arrives.


Carded players: APBA “cards” 900 players each year (30 per major league team). For the 2012 MLB year that includes 752 players on already on CBL teams, and 148 free agents (not owned by any CBL team). Of the 752 who are owned by CBL teams, 491 are on protected lists and the other 261 are unprotected.


“Uncarded but previously carded” (UBPC) players who are on the disk: Uncarded players may be used by CBL teams during the CBL 2013 regular season if they appeared in 2012 (and therefore are on the disk) and have previously received a card. If a player is on the disk but has NEVER previously been carded (e.g. Jake Odorizzi, Jurickson Profar) he is still a minor leaguer and not available. There are 180 UBPC players on the disk this year... 11 are protected on CBL rosters, 110 are unprotected, and 59 are free agents.


Previously carded players on CBL rosters who did not play in 2012: There are 61 players on CBL rosters who did not play in the majors in 2012 (so are uncarded obviously). Two of them are protected on CBL rosters this year (Victor Martinez and Michael Pineda), so 59 are unprotected and available. These 75 available players are listed in Section 4.


Now, let’s forget about the 504 protected players and look at the 637 who are available to you in the draft. Since 59 of them did not play in 2012 (the ones in Section 4… you certainly may draft any of them but they have no stats to analyze), we’ll look more closely at the other 578 players who are on the disk and available (made up of 371 unprotected roster players and 207 free agents). They are analyzed in more depth in Section 3.

Enjoy your harvesting!



All the players in Sections 3 and 4 may potentially be selected in the draft. But each team may lose only three, so after three Rays have been picked, all the rest of the unprotected Rays players revert to Dwight and are gone from the draft pool. Also, after Round 5, every team’s unprotected players revert to the team, even if the team hasn’t lost three players. Beginning with Round 6, only free agents are available. We’ll be posting an e-mail summary at the end of each draft round showing who has been picked and which teams have had their maximum of three players selected.


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