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2013 Unlimited CBL Players

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The CBL allows any player, carded or uncarded, to be used in an unlimited capacity if he is truly awful enough. 
For pitchers, the criterion is simple and easy. If the pitcher has a grade no greater than 4 as a starter or reliever, he qualifies for unlimited use... though if he did not start in real life, he cannot start in the CBL. And if he is a starter, he must observe three games of rest between starts and is allowed a maximum of 36 starts in the season.
For hitters, the formula is more complex... here it is:
[i] Batting Average of .240 or less
[ii] On Base Percentage of .300 or less
[iii] Slugging Percentage of .350 or less
[iv] None of the following defensive ratings: 8 or 9 at C; 4 or 5 at 1B; 8 or 9 at 2B; 5 or 6 at 3B; 9 or 10 at SS; 3 at OF.
Below is the list of the ?? position players who meet the criteria and are unlimited for the 2013 CBL Season (organized alphabetically).

To be added once 2012 APBA disk is released and reviewed.